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Your Evolution.

 Intent, Action and Reaction combine to deliver us an outcome.   These elements are all affected by our background, our experiences and the environment we operate within. 

The journey constantly evolves because of these variables.  In the business ecosystem, perception and support are vital cogs to achieving desirable outcomes (success).  

At Thoughtigy we embrace your journey and collaborate with you to achieve a desirable outcome.  

We’re not here to solve, but instead we are here to ‘evolve’ your business and life.  That’s what innovation is all about.

Let your next project be our next project


Chris Tran

Co-founder & CEO


Blake Baggett

Co-founder & CTO

“Thoughtigy totally transformed my business to match my vision.  Automation, Good Policies and integrated business platforms enable me to exceed my clients expectations and regain time for repetitive tasks and admin. 

Shaun Karr

Business Owner

You know whey you sit around and you ask “It’d be nice if it could do this… If only I didn’t have to do that…”

Presto… The boys at Thoughtigy deliver all those things and more!  

Sam Tyler

Business Owner